JN0-333 Braindumps | You need to configure an…

Questions: 18

You need to configure an IPsec tunnel between a remote site and a hub site. The SRX Series device at the remote site receives a dynamic IP address on the external interface that you will use for IPsec.
Which feature would you need to configure in this scenario?

B. crypto suite B
C. aggressive mode
D. IKEv2

Answer: C

JN0-333 Braindumps | You want to trigger failover…

Questions: 17

You want to trigger failover of redundancy group 1 currently running on node 0 and make node 1 the primary node the redundancy group 1.

Which command would be used accomplish this task?

A. user@host# set chassis cluster redundancy-group 1 node 1
B. user@host> request chassis cluster failover redundancy-group 1 node 1
C. user@host# set chassis cluster redundancy-group 1 preempt
D. user@host> request chassis cluster failover reset redundancy-group 1

Answer: B

JN0-333 Test Questions | After an SRX Series device…

Questions: 16

After an SRX Series device processes the first packet of a session, how are subsequent packets for the same session processed?

A. They are processed using fast-path processing.
B. They are forwarded to the control plane for deep packet inspection.
C. All packets are processed in the same manner.

D. They are queued on the outbound interface until a matching security policy is found.

Answer: A