JN0-1300 Certification | A customer has reached the limit of their

Question: 20

A customer has reached the limit of their IEEE Layer 2 VLAN implementation. The customer then switches to a VXLAN overlay architecture using Layer 3. In this scenario, how many unique VXLAN segments are mathematically available?

A. 4,194,304
B. 8192
C. 4096
D. 16,777,216

Answer: D

JN0-1300 Certification | You are using IBGP with route reflection

Question : 19

You are using IBGP with route reflection in your Clos IP fabric. Which feature must you enable to allow the route reflector to advertise multiple versions of a route instead of only the best version?

A. multipath
B. multihop
C. AS override

Answer: A

JN0-1300 Dumps | You are designing your data…

Questions: 17

You are designing your data center SRX Series devices to be highly available. You are required to have any failure on the active firewall trigger all services to be moved to the non-active firewall. What will accomplish this task?

A. Place both nodes in a Virtual Chassis.
B. Place all interfaces in the SRX cluster in RG0 and use interface monitoring.

C. Remove RG0 from the SRX cluster and place all interfaces in RG1 and use interface monitoring.
D. Install redundant chassis cluster cards in each node and disable one.

Answer: AB

JN0-1300 Braindumps | You are asked to design…

Questions: 17

You are asked to design a Virtual Chassis Fabric architecture.

Which three combinations are valid? (Choose three.)

A. two spine nodes and sixteen leaf nodes
B. five spine nodes and twenty leaf nodes
C. four spine nodes with sixteen leaf nodes
D. four spine nodes and twenty-eight leaf nodes
E. five spine nodes and twenty-eight leaf nodes

Answer: ACD

JN0-1300 Exam Preparation | You want to perform a…

Questions :16

You want to perform a risk assessment for an asset in your data center.

Which three elements must be considered? (Choose three.)

A. threat expectancy
B. single loss expectancy
C. annualized loss expectancy
D. exposure factor
E. asset value

Answer: BDE