JN0-101 Practice Test | What is an advantage of…

Questions: 17

What is an advantage of dynamic routing?

A. Unlike static routing, dynamic routing provides redundant IP addresses for end-user devices
B. Unlike static routing, dynamic routing requires no initial user configuration
C. Dynamic routing can provide increased network availability when compared to static routing
D. Dynamic routing provides DNS services along with IP connectivity, static does not

Answer: C

JN0-101 Exam Dumps | In the MAC address…

Questions: 16

In the MAC address 00:90:69:9F:EA:46 what represents the Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI)?

A. 69:9F:EA:46
B. 00:90:69:9F
C. 9F:EA:46
D. 00:90:69

Answer: D