JN0-100 Test Questions | Which command would allow…

Questions: 17

Which command would allow you to compare two files stored on your router?

A. user@host> file show filename1 compare filename2
B. user@host> file compare files filename1 filename2
C. user@host> compare files filename1 filename 2
D. user@host> compare filename1 filename2

Answer: B

JN0-100 Exam Questions | You have just issued the…

Questions: 16

You have just issued the command commit confirmed and your network continues to be operational with no further changes required. You issue a commit and-quit. A short time later, users start complaining about network problems. Which commands (in order) need to be entered to resolve this issue?

A. >commit confirmed
B. >configure
#rollback 1
C. >configure
#commit confirmed and-quit
D. >configure

Answer: B

JN0-100 Free Questions | You enter configuration mode with…

Questions : 15

You enter configuration mode with the configure command. You need to abort the changes that you have made and start again with a fresh copy of the active configuration. Which command should you use?

A. rollback 0
B. load active
C. reset config
D. clear candidate config

Answer: A