Juniper SVP: Cloud Computing’s Next Wave Unifies Security and Connectivity

Juniper’s network security products have taken a seat at their switches and routers over the past year as a cloud-based business strategy continues to boost the company’s revenue. But as the hipercaloristas, telecommunications companies and companies invest more in the data centers and cloud architecture they need to enhance security, making cloud security is a “very attractive market” “Said Kevin Hutchins, senior vice president of Juniper’s product line strategy and management.

Hutchins acknowledged that the performance of Juniper’s security products “has not been where we would like,” he said. “But,” he added, “there is a possibility of developing this portfolio.

“Security will become a key element in connecting users to applications, applications to applications no matter where they are sitting,” Hutchins said. “The synergy between security and connectivity will increase. Few people in the market have the ability to provide this value proposition combined with security and connectivity. ”

He said he is waiting for the Juniper security business to recover at the end of the year.

The Next Wave of Cloud Computing:

The industry is the “first wave of cloud construction,” said Hutchins, while cloud computing providers build level 1 large centers to accommodate more traffic data. The next wave will see service providers and companies to apply the model of hipercalororizadores their own business.

“This architecture will influence how people build networks,” he said. “Service providers are increasingly looking at cloud architecture as a way to provide services to their customers. Companies are continuing in this direction as well. ”

In addition to increasing demand for its switching products, this approach will also grow segments of Juniper routing and security cloud, said Hutchins. “All are united. As people build more data centers need high-speed and high-performance networks in data centers. But they also need to connect points and ensure all the traffic that passes between these connection points. ”

Switch to multi-cloud:

The shift to a multi-cloud strategy enterprise, which sees workloads and business applications that live in local and public cloud locations, also reinforces the need for greater network security.

“One of the interesting challenges for the IOC and CISO is how to manage all these more transparent environments,” Hutchins said. “How can we connect together? How are data and users protected? ”

To this end, Juniper has built “secure and scalable cloud computing solutions for businesses,” he said. This includes your QFX switches, Interconnect technologies and Contrail Open Cloud and the SRX Virtual Security Portfolio. “We see this as a good opportunity for growth as customers move from the first phase [cloud computing] to a business approach and decide how to manage their multi-cloud strategy.”

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