JN0-633 | Given the following session output…

Question: 35

Given the following session output:
Session ID. , Policy namE. default-policy-00/2, StatE. Active, Timeout: 1794, Valid
In: 2001:660:1000:8c00::b/1053 –> 2001:660:1000:9002::aafe/80;tcp, IF. reth0.0, Pkts: 4, Bytes:
Out: –>;tcp, IF. reth1.0, Pkts: 3, Bytes:
Which statement is correct about the security flow session output?

A. This session is about to expire.
B. NAT64 is used.
C. Proxy NDP is used for this session.
D. The IPv4 Web server runs services on TCP port 24770.

Answer: B

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