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Juniper News

The company’s shares are 13.01% accumulated in the last 52 weeks.The July 24,2015,the registered shares of one year high of $ 29.13 and an annual minimum was seen on October 15, 2014 at $ 18.41.The 50-day moving average is $ 26.64 and the 200-day moving average recorded at $25.94.Friday session finished in red in volatile trading S&P 500 is 1.82% in the last 52-weeks.Shares of Juniper Networks,Inc.(NYSE:JNPR) met.

Shares down 0.27 points or 1.05% to close at $ 25.54 with 7,529,401 shares never traded. Post opening of the session at $25.5, the shares reached an intra day low of $25.45 and an intra day high of $25.97 and the price fluctuated in this area during the day.The company has a market capitalization of US $9.818 million, and the number of shares outstanding is calculated to be 384,427,000 shares.The 52-week high of Juniper Networks, Inc.(NYSE:JNPR) is $29.13 and 52 weeks is $ 18.41.

Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE:JNPR) has received a short-term goal of $ 30.29 from 12 analyst price shares. To expect the share price that will fluctuate from the average short-term goal, you can see from reading the standard deviation of $2.62.The highest estimated target price is $34,while the lower price target estimate $26.On a different note,the company has insider buying and selling activities of the stock exchange announced values,official (EVP Director of Customer) Juniper Networks Inc.

Vicente Molinaro sold 1722 shares at $ 27.18 on August 21 2015 Insider sales transaction was worth it in the amount of $46,804.Insider information to the Securities and Exchange Commission a Form 4 filing.Currently the company released Insiders have 0.7% of Juniper Networks,Inc. company shares.In the last six months,a change of -16.06% occurs insider ownership in the total.Institutional investors hold 89.8% of the Board shares.During period has changed -5.75% of the total institutional ownership of shares in the company last three months.

Juniper Networks, Inc.(Juniper Networks) designs,develops and markets products and services that together provide customers with network infrastructure.It operates in two segments Infrastructure and Service Layer Technology Infrastructure segment (SLT).The company mainly provides the routing and switching products are used to control from the core and direct network traffic through the edge,aggregation,and the level of customer terminals.

Infrastructure products include Internet Protocol (IP) routing,Carrier Ethernet routing portfolio and Ethernet switching portfolio.SLT segment offers solutions that meet a number of priorities of customers,to protect users,applications and data on the same network to provide network services through a distributed infrastructure.Purchased from September 13,2013, Juniper Networks,Inc.Estela Networks Inc.


Shares of Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE:JNPR) have been handed a $29.24 price target according to the Thomson Reuters consensus. This is the mean estimate based on the brokerage analysts polled by First Call. This is according to the latest research reports available where analysts provide one year price objectives. These same analysts are expecting that the company will report earnings of $0.57 per share next quarter and $1.93 for the current year.

Technical Levels

In taking a look at the technical levels of Juniper Networks, Inc. Common S, the stock is trading $-1.13 away or -4.17% from its 50-day moving average of $27.11. Looking further ahead, the stock is $0.21 away from its 200-day moving average of $25.77, or a difference of +0.82%. Based on a recent trade, the equity is trading $-3.15 away from its 52-week high of $29.13 and $+41.12% away from its 52-week low of $18.41.


Glancing to the current valuation of Juniper Networks,Inc.Common S,the price/earnings ratio, commonly called the P/E is a standard way to compare stocks based on their relative expense.This is calculated by dividing the current price per share of its earnings per share.The P/E for the company is currently $ N/A.Taking one more,investors can take into account the earnings growth of the company by looking at its PEG ratio,or price/earnings growth ratio.The low PEG ratio means that the company is trading at a low price relative to its earnings for the highest growth potential.The PEG means that the company’s shares trading at a high price in compared to its growth potential benefits.The company currently has a PEG ratio of 1.04 for three to five years.


Juniper Networks -0.85% Inc.JNPR named Bob Worrall CIO on Wednesday,as the company works to meet the demands of a customer base that is increasingly changing to meet the computing and Software-Defined networking.Mr cloud.Worrall,which began on Monday,the network equipment supplier of graphics chip maker Nvidia Corp.NVDA includes -0.63%, where he and CIO of 2011, reporting to Robyn Denholm,CFO of Juniper and Operations.

Vasco replaced Iyer,juniper by VMWare February.Mr was.Worrall inherits a number of works in progress in Juniper.He will continue to fuel the company’s ERP and other critical applications to the cloud, and project Ganges,a project to allow software developers to draw computing capacity as needed.Together,their duties include basic infrastructure, cloud applications and desktop support.

Safety is a priority,Worrall said in an email,and will work closely with Juniper CISCO in order to protect critical resources associated.Juniper is also working to grow your business network security,selling both service providers and companies.CEO Rami Rahim told investors in April that companies need to protect massive cloud infrastructure or large networks of mobile users is about the tools in the further development.

Juniper’s main clients are CIOs,which means that the IT department of the company as a guinea pig for their own products is frequently used.The company has one of the largest implementations of its wake cloud platform, a tool that companies manage and automate tasks such as storage,computing and network support.Mr.Worrall said to be associated with development teams and business units to show products like contrails deployments based on our own environment.

In March last year,Mr. Iyer said the decision cloud companies will require you to replace old switches and routers with new appliances from Juniper Networks.The transition to the cloud makes it easier for developers to acquire computing power and allowed him to invest their IT budget on innovation 30%,he said.Nvidia, created Mr Worrall shop enterprise applications, the employees,applications can be downloaded from already approved by IT companies.He joined Nvidia for more than a decade at Sun Micro systems Inc.where he CIO 2006 to 2010.There he was responsible for more than 700 employees and 2,200 contractors,says his LinkedIn profile.

A little more than a year began provider of network equipment Juniper Networks provide a new purchasing system worldwide to its 9,000 employees.The aim was to get more control over the annual spending of $1 billion. Putting acquisitions in the hands of each one of the employees was an important part of it,said David Hearn,senior director of indirect procurement, speaks at a conference session Coupa Inspire 2015 June We have 9,000 buyers.Part of central vision is that everyone wants to influence 9000.All the things to buy,they want to influence.

Shopping More than two thirds of expenditure on Juniper at once,not recorded by their nature in a pre-approved products catalog most consulting projects or custom software.For example,$15 million would go into a consulting agreement,$40 billion in CAD software.The new system allows the procurement team to better support to concentrate in the purchase of these items.In the past,most of the time was the team have been impersonated on the management of smaller contracts because of the focus on the management of the order for less than $10k in value,albeit sixty percent were.

Only nine percent of the orders were for over $100,000, but this minority represents three-quarters of total spending.So an important part of the new strategy is refocusing on large orders,Hearn said.We want to establish eighty percent of the time my team with contracts of more than $100,000.why? The opportunity for suppliers of smaller jobs leverage is low.If less than $100,000 that already have in the database provider.I have to cut my buyers even look at them.You do not have to manage transactions; you need to manage the dollar.This meant the allocation and recycling around a third of the 14-strong team of the traditional roles of contract management department,I do not want to reduce my staff costs,but we have to change,where they are concentrated.

Non-Intrusive Guidance

The second part of the strategy led Hearn called non-intrusive buying.There are several tools that can help automate the process and the goal of halting the ad hoc contracting.For example,if someone searches the catalog consultant,find a useful guide tips,a link to the help of the human resources,the name of the respective contracting consultant and finally a list of preferred consultants.Speeding process encourage our employees to the tools to use.

Also we measure time more cycle.Once in hours,that does not matter.Strong collection is essential for the success of the strategy of early intervention produces better care,said Hearn. There is a cost to give all employees access to the new system Coupa but Hearn believes procurement savings justify the additional cost of the implication.Coupa is used by many more staff than the previous electronic trading system Oracle,and the team is for other ways seek to encourage further participation. Matter more if we at Coupa people go there,it is more likely to lead their preferred supplier.

War Room But No War

The deployment followed a big bang model of going live overnight in each country or region. After eight months, the system was live in 37 countries, with just 7 countries in south-east Asia still to go. People took to the new tool without problems, although that was largely due to solid preparation beforehand.


The emerging market for white box elements of the network is a business opportunity for Juniper Networks,according to CEO Rami router manufacturer Rahim.In exclusive video interview with Light Reading founder and CEO Steve Saunders says Rahim Juniper Networks Inc.(NYSE: JNPR) has a product already on the market to take advantage of the demand for white-box systems.This is in stark contrast to Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq:CSCO) Your outgoing CEO John Chambers expects provider of white-box become major competitors of Cisco in the next decade.

If we play our cards right, [white box] can be an opportunity for us, CEO of Juniper says Light Reading.We embraced the concept of a white box and the first operator was actually tested with a hardened operating system to provide a solution of white-box, an OCP-compliant white box called OCX1100.we announced with the operating system,that last year and started can be harmful very recently.We to take a stake of more essential and important market.

The strategy is bold, given that white box systems are set to become a lower-cost and more agile alternative to the type of proprietary hardware that Juniper has been selling to network operators, enterprises and web services companies for years. See the full interview below, during which Rahim discusses the need for hardware and Juniper’s approach to cloud and open networking.


Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), the leader in network innovation, today expanded its Converged Supercore® architecture with the introduction of the PTX1000, the industry’s most compact 3 Tbps fixed configuration core router. The new two-rack unit (RU) router leverages Juniper’s recently announced ExpressPlus™ chipset for performance and efficiency gains while also giving service providers a platform that is right-sized to support the evolving needs of distributed peering in order to speed access to cloud services on the network.

Insatiable consumer and business customer demand for always-on,always available services,including business applications, unified communications and other activities of high bandwidth,such as video streaming has to rethink the content providers and telecommunications services LED cloud architect how efficient service networks and content distribution. While some providers consolidate their peering points in a limited number of network addresses are announcement today customers the opportunity to implement a distributed architecture looking.

Peering distribution sites in the network to access cloud services improves the user experience by reducing response time and increasing reliability through fixed and mobile access.Run with increased traffic from machine to machine and the arrival of virtualized services increasingly through the network,the need for performance/MPLS IP improved while cost control is in great demand. The PTX1000 how PTX3000 PTX5000 core router and use applications/MPLS IP performance Express Plus Juniper custom silicon.

The 28-nano meter chip can lead 5x100G interfaces and uses the 3D memory architecture which reduces power consumption and space requirements.Moreover PTX1000 has flexible interface options for maximizing investment protection and ensure a smooth upgrade cycles port.With today’s announcement,Juniper will on its historic building to the Routing Basics giving service providers new ways to expand the scope and efficiency while optimizing revolutionizing investments.The PTX1000 router will be available either directly from Juniper Networks or through its global network of partners in Q3 2015th.

Supporting Quotes

Traditional interconnect models have centralized Internet exchange points driving the bandwidth requirements of the network.The PTX1000,service providers can now get down to deliver on local exchanges or exchange their sites effectiveness peering push the closest access to content and reducing the bandwidth requirements of the network.Requirements such as compact size,low power consumption and high performance routing emerge as important features for the new generation of distributed IP infrastructure and interconnection PTX1000 is a platform,service providers can use to change workloads and applications the cloud and in demand networks.

Rami Rahim is on the job as CEO of Juniper network provider for the past six months,and during that time the company focuses on the things that will help the business forward will be helped.Rahim gave a speech at the Canadian Telecom Summit today here about opportunities for telcos in the modern era of network automation and cloud.

In a video interview with eWeek,Rahim discussed what he was talking in the Canadian Telecom Summit and why cloud platform OpenStack open source is to allow the central strategy of service providers Company.A key component in the portfolio of Juniper is open Estela Control Software Defined Network (SDN) it provides the ability to provide services and to take to work quickly code.Juniper is the first virtualization technology industry network for positioning platform OpenStack cloud Estela.

We have to make the best network stack Estela OpenStack.That is our mission.That’s our goal,Rahim said.Many of our customers who believe in the nature of OpenStack OpenStack open source,as it gives them choices and gives them flexibility.From a business perspective also help serve as an engine of future business opportunities for Juniper OpenStack.While it is still too early in terms of real income of efforts Rahim Juniper OpenStack is optimistic about the direction he has seen.

In terms of the discussions taking place today,with laboratory proof of concept developed and the opportunities that revenue will go in the future,[OpenStack is] a large part of the conversation that you have with our customers,Rahim said.Like all of our cable customers,telecommunications,financial services and government step towards delivering cloud architectures,they will move to automation and orchestration through OpenStack and VMware.

Juniper Networks Inc.shares reached their highest level in a year,according to the manufacturer of equipment sales Internet routing beat estimates and took a bullish forecast.First quarter earnings excluding certain costs at 32 cents per share,on revenue of $1.07 billion,said the company based in Sunnyvale,California,in a statement of preliminary results on Thursday.Analysts on average expected earnings of 31 cents per share on revenue of $1.05 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Juniper predicts earnings of 38 cents to 42 cents per share for the quarter on revenue of $1,090,000,000 $ bis 1.12 billion.Analysts had expected a profit of 38 cents per share on revenue of $ 1.1 billion.The company relies on the drivers of long-term demand for healthy and confident in its innovation pipeline.Juniper expects its historical pattern of higher earnings again in the second half of 2015 compared with the first half of the year,Juniper said.RBC Capital Markets on Friday raised its rating on Juniper do to overcome by sector.

Acquisition Rumors

The Juniper report reduces the chances that the company will be acquired,Noah Jason Ader said, an analyst at William Blair & Co.If lost, perhaps the Board would have thrown in the towel,he said.Would Well, it’s less likely to sell and are probably more expensive.Rumors an acquisition bid for Ericsson AB have circulated since Nokia Oyj, said this month is Alcatel-Lucent new SA.The Nokia buy would be a leader in equipment be for the cable network and WiFi, while Ericsson specializes in wireless devices.Ericsson has always had an agreement to resell Juniper routers, and it would make sense for the Swedish company have to make outright, Pierre Ferragu,an analyst at Sanford C.Bernstein Ltd.wrote technology when the Nokia deal was announced.

Net income He fell to 80.2 million from $110.6 million last year.Sales fell by 8.8 percent.Juniper spent much of the past year to refine its strategy and reduce the cost pressure on activist investor Elliott Management Corp. After the third-quarter earnings fell below forecast Juniper,the Council in November called Rami Rahim replace CEO Shaygan Kheradpir, who had been on the job less than a year.Juniper in March unveiled new models for several key products. The company relies heavily on sales to U.S. telecom carriers such as AT&T Inc.and Verizon Communications Inc., who are expected to increase equipment purchases in the second half after licensing new wireless spectrum earlier this year.

Seeking Stability

Investors are looking for stability more than anything else Juniper date, the vein of William Blair. Our hope is, you can create a baseline and a lift as the carrier spending and sales kickoff return of new products and other established long-term competition in.Juniper networking equipment companies like Cisco Systems Inc.face manufacturers who ship software code used made on commodities passing through companies like Dell Inc. and Quanta Computer Inc.Also, some major operators want to reduce spending on routers by incorporating the technology in equipment that transmits data over fiber optic lines. Juniper does not sell such optical path.

We remain neutral on Juniper Networks with cautious bias and estimated fair value of $ 22 or 7% below the current price. Our estimate of the fair value of $ 22 to 12 times our 2016 EPS estimate of $ 1.82 to the base.

We do not know Juniper (ticker:JNPR) show quarterly report and in the second quarter leader,is scheduled for April 23 in order,as revenues expected to be a particularly risky event by 11% over the previous year in both quarters.However,we believe the company could disappoint / Miss in the second half because it expects global investment compared to the year, and there is very little turnover,product or project visibility in the address space and margins undergone potentially push through virtualization.
There is a bull case 2014 capital expenditure was spent on expenses charged against 2015 support and background will be charged.We do not agree with this and,even if true, doubt that the router would benefit because the function of network virtualization / Software-Defined Networking (NFV/SDN).In recent years, global investment spending is 50% and 50% is expected between the first and second half of 2015 to adjust.AT & T (T),large Juniper did serve customers spending in 2014.The vehicle also made investments to decrease by 16% compared to 2015,ie during the first quarter of the investments we have been weak no expect much of a recovery in the second half of the year, either.

Six months ago,Juniper increased its goal of reducing operating expenses under the Integrated by $100 million to 260 million US dollars increased its target for total return in cash of $1.1 billion to $4.1 billion operating plan.We see much more limited upside potential for these programs from here.The Director General will probably want to exercise greater control over R & D and M & A decisions.In addition, the remaining $1800000000 commitment to cash too exhausted most of the net cash back,not that management is taking the net debt repurchase more shares.

We expect that in the second quarter revenue forecast in line with our estimate of 1093000000 (11% compared to the previous year by 5% over the previous quarter).Our forecasts,which are similar to consensus shape the acceleration in the sequential and year-over-year growth in both quarters in the second half.The models show Juniper achieve a growth of 11% over the year, sales in the fourth quarter of 2015 through simple compositions from year to year and best sequential growth in the second half.We are concerned that the numbers of the second part may have come down,but how the router market remains slow, which could put pressure on sales and margins.


Mirantis, Pure-play enterprise OpenStack and JNPR Juniper Networks,-0.21%, the market leader in network innovation, today announced an expanded partnership for development,providing customers with a software-defined network open,untrusted code (SDN) for deploying tissue OpenStack scale clouds.Mirantis OpenStack,OpenStack distribution that is easy to install and operate the scale is now supported and interact with contrails Juniper Network (TM),the solution SDN standards for businesses and service providers customers.Support OpenStack Mirantis and works with OpenContrail,an open source SDN solution.

According to a recent report of 451 Research,OpenStack market size is estimated at 1.7 million dollars the year looking to reach 2,016 enterprises and service providers increasingly turning to open source software to increase flexibility,cost savings without vendor lock-in and the ability to integrate with other infrastructure and applications to adapt.Juniper and Mirantis have a reference architecture for deploying and managing Juniper networks Estela Mirantis OpenStack,which enables customers to easily scale OpenStack clouds without published in managing complex, expensive and proprietary network seller and implementations software.The common Juniper and Mirantis deliver impressive size to the number of server node clouds.

The reference architecture for OpenStack Mirantis 6.0 validated (based on OpenStack Juno) with Juniper Networking Estela.Juniper Mirantis and plan to publish a plugin to automate fuel in Q2 2015 and simplify the deployment and management of large OpenStack clouds.Mirantis is the go-to provider for building a cloud OpenStack.Integration of Mirantis OpenStack with Juniper Networking as Estela support enterprise level customers expect implementations of open source cloud-scale,Ankur Singla said,Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Software Cloud Juniper Networks.They provide developers, partners and customers a proven reference architecture,open source,together Mirantis and Juniper will help accelerate adoption,foster innovation and help customers realize the benefits of SDN faster.

Real-life customer installations demonstrate that Juniper Contrail Networking works at scale for OpenStack, said Jason Venner, Mirantis, chief architect and OpenContrail Advisory Board member. By leveraging Juniper Contrail Networking with Mirantis OpenStack, companies can reliably operate large production OpenStack clouds with software-defined networking, improving data center performance, automation and scalability. Plus, it’s open source and proven open-standard protocols offer customers future-proofing and investment protection in how they architect their cloud.To learn more about using Juniper Contrail Networking with Mirantis OpenStack, register for Integrating Mirantis OpenStack with Juniper Contrail Networking, a joint webcast on March 19 at 10 a.m. PT, or visit:

About Juniper Networks Juniper Networks JNPR, -0.21% ein delivers innovation through Routing, Switching and security. Since the core of the rot to consumer devices, Juniper Networks innovations in Software,Hardware & Systems transform the experience and economics of Vernetzung. Zusätzliche Information can be found at Juniper Networks ( or connect with Juniper on Twitter and Facebook.About Mirantis Mirantis is the Pure-Play-Openstack company. Mirantis offers all-software,services, training and support necessary for the operation of OpenStack. More customers trust Mirantis than any other company to reach production deployment of OpenStack eine scale. Among the three major Worldwide Software’s contribution to OpenStack open source,ein Mirantis has helped build and deploy some of the largest cloud OpenStack companies like Cisco,Comcast,Ericsson,Expedia, Workday,NASA ,PayPal,Samsung and Symantec.

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