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Juniper’s network security products have taken a seat at their switches and routers over the past year as a cloud-based business strategy continues to boost the company’s revenue. But as the hipercaloristas, telecommunications companies and companies invest more in the data centers and cloud architecture they need to enhance security, making cloud security is a “very attractive market” “Said Kevin Hutchins, senior vice president of Juniper’s product line strategy and management.

Hutchins acknowledged that the performance of Juniper’s security products “has not been where we would like,” he said. “But,” he added, “there is a possibility of developing this portfolio.

“Security will become a key element in connecting users to applications, applications to applications no matter where they are sitting,” Hutchins said. “The synergy between security and connectivity will increase. Few people in the market have the ability to provide this value proposition combined with security and connectivity. ”

He said he is waiting for the Juniper security business to recover at the end of the year.

The Next Wave of Cloud Computing:

The industry is the “first wave of cloud construction,” said Hutchins, while cloud computing providers build level 1 large centers to accommodate more traffic data. The next wave will see service providers and companies to apply the model of hipercalororizadores their own business.

“This architecture will influence how people build networks,” he said. “Service providers are increasingly looking at cloud architecture as a way to provide services to their customers. Companies are continuing in this direction as well. ”

In addition to increasing demand for its switching products, this approach will also grow segments of Juniper routing and security cloud, said Hutchins. “All are united. As people build more data centers need high-speed and high-performance networks in data centers. But they also need to connect points and ensure all the traffic that passes between these connection points. ”

Switch to multi-cloud:

The shift to a multi-cloud strategy enterprise, which sees workloads and business applications that live in local and public cloud locations, also reinforces the need for greater network security.

“One of the interesting challenges for the IOC and CISO is how to manage all these more transparent environments,” Hutchins said. “How can we connect together? How are data and users protected? ”

To this end, Juniper has built “secure and scalable cloud computing solutions for businesses,” he said. This includes your QFX switches, Interconnect technologies and Contrail Open Cloud and the SRX Virtual Security Portfolio. “We see this as a good opportunity for growth as customers move from the first phase [cloud computing] to a business approach and decide how to manage their multi-cloud strategy.”


Juniper Networks this week moved their relationship with VMware and Lenovo.

Juniper said its command line QFX5100 data center is certified with the platform VMware NSX network virtualization. Of course, the QFX5100 change also includes support for virtualization platform CONTRAIL Juniper.

In preparation for the certification of VMware, some of Juniper’s customers had already integrated joint solution in their networks.

For example, EMT-ICT diensten, a Dutch IT service provider Juniper switches installed with VMware NSX to develop an infrastructure-as-a-Service multi-user platform. The platform enables customers to create custom networks.

“We selected Juniper QFX Series specifically for NSX and tested its ability to integrate physical devices in a virtual stack of interoperability,” said Joep Piscaer, director of EMT-ICT diensten technology, Juniper in a blog.

A spokesman Juniper said: “Juniper has been working with VMware for approximately five years and continues to offer a comprehensive set of common solutions.”

Some of these joint solutions include:

Switches QFX10000 series VMX and MX routers, integration with VTEP NSX that not only the bridge but also the routing support.
Juniper multicast fabric data center solutions offer performance and scale to large deployments in multicast-unicast NSX hybrid mode.

The director of the Junos Space network API integrates with vSphere and vCenter Server to provide NSX VXLAN virtual overlay network, hypervisor, and visibility of the virtual machine and automation.

The director Junos Space Security unifies the end of security operations to end and integrates with vSphere to manage the lifecycle of virtual machines vSRX.

Juniper and Lenovo:

Also this week, Juniper has expanded its relationship with Lenovo. In March, the two companies have formed a partnership, giving Lenovo the opportunity to resell Juniper Networks, data center switching and routing and security portfolio, wrapped in SDN capabilities with vapor trail. Lenovo brings its x86 servers and storage to the association.

The new agreement gives Lenovo’s ability to facilitate the distribution of Juniper products independently or in conjunction with Lenovo products in China.

When Juniper and Lenovo announced its initial arrangement in March, director of marketing for Juniper Mike Marcellin, said. “This gives us a local lead partner in China”

In a blog this week, Mitch Lewis, vice president of partners and alliances for Asia and the Pacific Juniper, he wrote, “is expected to Lenovo in China to provide Juniper Networks technology through our thousands of partners average Chinese service providers and large enterprises and web 2.0 companies. “


Juniper Networks, a leader in automated society, scalable and secure networks, today announced that eBay Classifieds Group, an innovative leader in online classifieds advertising with twelve brands worldwide, has deployed Juniper Networks wake networks to build automated virtual overlay networks, highly scalable, allowing clients to easily buy, sell, exchange and connect. Juniper Networks QFX Series switches were selected by the company as a fundamental element of the physical infrastructure to power its cloud and networking to ensure the reliability and faster response times.

eBay Classifieds Group moved its operations to the cloud to accelerate their business processes by significantly reducing the time to build and bring their online advertising platforms. Juniper and approach allowed NRS Infradata Classfieds eBay to launch new services in more than one country within hours.

eBay Classifieds Group was a need to support multiple internal testing and production requirements and multiple customer-specific market network. The company Juniper and Infradata because they provide major cloud networks based on open technology. eBay Classifieds Group also simplifies troubleshooting and received superior support, causing problems being processed faster.

Top Stories:

Juniper Networks network Contrail is a simple, open and agile RPS that automates and organizes the creation of highly scalable virtual overlay networks and adapts to customer needs easily. Vapor Trail has been selected as the chief controller SDN market in OpenStack deployments for the third consecutive year in the survey of OpenStack users.

new eBay service platform Classifieds Groups’, driven by the wake of a network, reducing the time to market for new services and personalized campaigns, connecting virtual resources across private cloud and infrastructure existing.

Estela creates and organizes manageable virtual overlapping networks that integrate seamlessly with the physical network hardware systems eBay Classifieds Group.

Using the following networks, eBay Classifieds Group virtual overlay networks may extend through the centers and clouds multiple data, enabling the mobility of goods and flexible internship workload.

eBay Classifieds Groups cloud “is built from QFX5100 switches, switching a platform with an open architecture that serves as a universal building block for multiple architectures SAN very flexible data center.

The overall infrastructure is based on Junos OS, Juniper the only operating system.

Juniper Networks partner for the deployment of eBay Classifieds Group is Infradata, a leading network dedicated to the design, implementation and support of next-generation networks for service providers and mission critical systems integrator .

Supporting Quotes:

“EBay Classifieds Group helps people find what they need in their local communities. We are proud of the trust we earn people when they visit, connect and trade in one of our global sites. Constantly create innovative new services that can deliver substantial value to our customers. juniper, with its focus on the customer first, provides the network, but also allows us to provide excellent customer service. ”

-Maarten Moerman, director of network engineering at eBay Classifieds Group, Netherlands

“High-performance companies like eBay Classifieds Group need an open RPS solution for the cloud that increases business agility by creating highly scalable virtual overlay networks that are easy to manipulate and orchestrate. In wake of a network, eBay Classifieds Group can quickly add new features to their network while reducing development time. ”

Jennifer Blatnik, vice president of cloud, security and the portfolio of marketing activities, Juniper Networks

“Infradata worked with eBay Classifieds for a long time to give it different network technologies such as load balancing, switching, routing and security, so that it moves with the software-defined architecture is the natural next step. the real winners in this project are the end users with a significant increase in platform performance. ”

-Child Tomovski, international vice president Infradata Group

This is a direct comparison of Juniper Networks, Inc. and Cisco Systems, Inc. compare the two companies revenue growth, earnings, revenue per employee, operating margins, cash flow and evaluation. The table top edge at the head assigns 100 points in total.

Before diving into the analysis, we will see the return of shares in each company in the last three months, six months and last year. Stock returns do not touch the head to head comparison of the scores that focus on the fundamentals of each company, but in the end, are the income from shares remain a cornerstone for a complete analysis.

Cisco Systems, Inc. has a significantly higher rating of base and Juniper Networks, Inc., which has an impact on the head in comparison to the head. The LMC Star Rating is an objective and quantifiable measurement of company performance and financial condition. The rating is calculated by measuring a number of current financial data elements of society and its changes associated with time.

Now let’s delve into both companies for comparison.

➤ Statement

  • CSCO significantly higher revenues in the last year of JNPR. comps premium income does not touch the head to increase pressure.
  • Both  CSCO and JNPR show positive results over the past year with the edge of CSCO.
  • CSCO generate significantly higher revenue per employee ($ 676,000) that JNPR ($ 536,000).

➤ Margins

  • CSCO generates income $ 1 $ 1.32 of costs, significantly higher than $ 1.16 JNPR.
  • CSCO generates $ 0.21 in free cash flow to leverage for every $ 1 of revenue, significantly higher than the $ 0.12 JNPR.

➤ Growth

  • Both companies are growing revenues. JNPR growing faster than income massively CSCO.
  • For every $ 1 of revenue, stock prices at $ 1.83 in market capitalization and $ 2.96 for market capitalization JNPR CSCO.

Analysts weigh about how Juniper Networks, Inc. may lead to short term. Wall Street analysts have a less favorable assessment of the shares, with an average score of 2.7. The action is to buy 4 analysts, with 4 and 22 exceed expected rating. The rating score is on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 means strong buy and 5 represents strong sales.

For the current quarter, analysts expect adjusted EPS 27.00 offer have a consensus estimate of $ 0.47 per share compared to $ 0.53 in the same quarter last year. They have a high estimate of $ 0.51 and a low estimate of $ 0.46. It expects revenue for the period to a total of almost $ 1.19b from $ 1.22 billion a year ago.

For the full year, predicts 27.00 Wall Street analysts the company would deliver a profit of $ 2.00 per share, the maximum estimate of $ 2.21 and a low estimate of $ 1.85. He reported earnings per share of $ 2.03 in the corresponding quarter last year. It expects revenue for the period to a total of nearly $ 4.86B versus 4.86B last year.

Analysts project the company will maintain the annual growth of about 12.98% percent over the next five years, compared to an average growth rate of 14.71% per cent expected by its competitors in the same industry.

Of the 22 analysts Data provided by Thomson / First Call tracks the average price target of 12 months is $ 26.50 for JNPR, but some analysts project the price to go as high as $ 36.00. If the optimistic analysts are correct, which represents an increase of 55 percent the potential price of the last closing of $ 23.23. Some analysts sales, particularly pessimistic, called for $ 22.90 target price for shares of Juniper Networks, Inc.

In the recent results presented, the company reported earnings of $ 0.53 per share, while analysts call for a profit of $ 0.40 a share. It was a surprise profit of 32.50% percent. In terms of earnings surprises, the term Cucaracha effect is often involved. Cockroach market effect is a theory that suggests that when a company discloses bad news for the public, there may be many more related adverse events that have not yet been revealed. In the case of the surprises of benefits if a company suggests a negative surprise results means there is more to come.


Juniper said the partners already using the service to ensure agreements

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions has signed an agreement to provide funding for the program Juniper Networks products. The program is available for Juniper customers in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Under the program, customers can enjoy 0 percent financing for up to December 31 2016 qualifying purchases, allowing them to invest in the latest network technologies Juniper Networks.

In the longer term, the program will provide qualified with more flexible financing options to meet the diverse client Juniper customers.

Ardern Martin, head of the ICT Finance of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions division, said, “refers to economic uncertainty after some companies are reluctant to invest in the latest technology network for a obsolete priority equipment superior. Will, however, maintain a business and act as a real obstacle to efficiency.

“Our promotion 0 percent financing will make investment in Juniper Networks products easier to handle.”

Martin Hester, director of channels and partners Juniper Networks EMEA, said: “This is great news for our partners competitive funding can open new business opportunities in a highly competitive market.

“A good example is a partner in the UK, Axians Elite partner, who recently this offer is used in a very competitive environment to close a major strategic move.”

Earlier this year, Juniper Networks announced several changes to its advantage Juniper partner program, including new certifications, marketing tools and courses for members.

In the last month, Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) stocks rallied, giving investors a good momentum. Shares of the company rose 2.50% in the last month. As for the last five trading days, shares -3.68% changed. Since the beginning of the year, the stock has performed -7.75%. With increasing market volatility, perhaps the shareholders decide whether to take profits or hold stock of the company.

Wall Street analysts still see some upside in action despite the recent movement. sell-side firms, on a basis of consensus with a recommendation 2.5, according to the first call. The recommendation is based on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 or 2 indicates a Buy recommendation, 3 and 4-5 to book a sale.


Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) posted earnings of 12 months out $ 1.6 per share. The company has experienced a change of 317.80% in earnings per share this year. Analysts are predicting7.46% for the company next year. The company offers 7.40% return on assets and 14.20% return on capital.


Glancing at the technical level, the shares are trading 2.63% below 50-day simple moving average and -5.75% below 200-day simple moving average. Based on a recent offer, the stock is trading -21.13% below its 52-week high and 18.48% below its 52-week low. After the recent surge, investors can also look to see if the action has entered the overbought territory and could be ripe for a fall. Traditionally considered an action overbought when the index moves relative strength above 70. At the time of writing, Juniper Networks, Inc. RSI is at 47.36. As for the levels of volatility, stocks have seen weekly volatility of 1.92% and 2.16% last month.


Juniper Networks and Lenovo announced a global partnership to develop infrastructure solutions data center next generation. The two companies leverage their synergies in their respective product portfolios and technologies to build the next generation of converged solutions, hyper-convergent and infrastructure data center hyper-scale corporate clients and large-scale web.

“The partnership with Lenovo expands strategy Juniper to deliver a stack complete solution for a wide range of data centers, the company midrange cloud and private clients hyper-scale. We are very pleased to partner with Lenovo to exploit the full potential of our IP based on the JunosOS network portfolio and contrail, in delivering the next generation of hyper-convergent convergence, and a hyper-scale solution for customers in China and the world, “he said Rami Rahim, CEO, ..

The alliance will enable customers to leverage the strengths of Juniper Networks leadership and recognized Lenovo for server reliability and network access for manageable, scalable and easy for data center infrastructure.

“Lenovo is on a mission to become the market leader in solutions data centers. We will continue to invest in the development and delivery of solutions Disruptive IT to shape the next generation of data centers. Our partnership with Juniper gives Networ Lenovo access to a first range of products including Defined Networking (SDN) software solutions industry – essential for offers state of the art data center, “said Gerry Smith, COO of PC and Enterprise Business Group, Lenovo.

According to the planned partnership, customers will be able to buy Juniper product portfolio directly from Lenovo and obtain a consolidated support. Over the disintegration of hardware and software in the data center, the two companies intend to provide open and flexible solutions on the market, using the onie (Open Network Installation Environment) model.

The companies also intend to develop joint plans to market resale usual model and to meet the specific requirements of localization in China.


Juniper Networks, the world leader in data center networking equipment, announced today that it has acquired BTI Systems, a company hardware and software defined networks (SDN) tools. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

BTI specializes in cloud and metro networks – specifically to move the content to and from multiple data centers in a close geographic area such as a city.

“We expect the acquisition will allow Juniper to accelerate the delivery of open solutions and automated optical packet transport that integrate with our NorthStar controller and include network management functions that enable new services for end-to-end” executive vice president and general manager of Juniper Jonathan Davidson wrote in a blog.

The deal could help Juniper and Cisco compete more with Arista, especially when it comes to service providers market. In 2012, Juniper acquired SDN $ 176 million to start Estela.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, BTI has raised $ 60 million in financing, according to the Boston Business Journal. Investors include Bain Capital Ventures, ?? BDC ?? Covington Capital ?? GrowthWorks, Export Development Canada (EDC), Fujitsu Network Communications and Kodiak Venture Partners.

Web site says the company BTI had 380 customers, including Equinix, Interxion, Rackspace and VKontakte….


Channel partners need to scale and be able to simplify user networks,according to Denise Shiffman ,corporate vice president,switching and security products,development and innovation at Juniper Networks Juniper.In view of industry trends as BYOD connected, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud everything is focused on networks of end users,it is very important that solution providers can scale to the needs of users,while making things easier,Shiffman said,

She said users complained Juniper complications caused by a combination of mobility,voice, video,new advanced persistent threats and provide or update a campus.You should be able to scale to these new demands,and at the same time,it must be easier for customers looking to simplify IT enterprise .Enterprise through automation,Channelnomics stated.Channel partners need really how to scale to meet the skills,the heart of the network of this type of demand.

These technological developments will also bring cyber security opportunities partners, Shiffman said.With the threat landscape changing new threats from the IO,the network transformation to a virtualized network security is a very important area for the company to acquire the top and install in their nets to you to secure your network,he said.Given these trends,announced Juniper Networks Juniper Tuesday Unite,a reference architecture that says wear and corporate platforms based on cloud services a simplified infrastructure solutions and secure network on campus branch networks.

This shows really our focus on investment in and commitment to enterprise customers and channel partners who serve the public,Shiffman said.We are really seeing great changes in society.The complexity is growing,and these companies have,to a place where they get their networks, services and infrastructure,regardless of where those services reside manage. On Tuesday, also announced the Juniper,to combine the addition of Juniper Networks Advanced Threat Prevention sky,Director Junos Space Security and Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways architecture.The seller calls the Anti-malware with zero-day protection against threats from the cloud management offerings safety revised and updated firewall.

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