JN0-634 Exam Dumps - Real Exam Questions

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JN0-634 Exam Dumps

JN0-634 Exam Dumps

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JN0-634 Dumps

Which two parameters are required to match in an IDP rule for the terminal option to take effect?(Choose two.)

A. attacks custom-attacks
B. attacks predefined-attacks
C. application
D. source-address

Answer: A,B

Which interface family is required for Layer 2 transparent mode on SRX Series devices?

B. Ethernet switching
C. inet

Answer: B

What are three components of Software-Defined Secure Networks? (Choose three.)

A. ContrailB. Sky ATP
B. SRX Series device
C. Security Director
D. Network Director

Answer: B,C,D

To which three UTM components would the custom-objects parameter apply? (Choose three.)

A. Sky ATP
B. antispam
C. content filtering
D. antivirus
E. Web filtering

Answer: BCE

Your network includes SRX Series devices configured with AppSecure.

Which two statements regarding the application identification engine are true? (Choose two.)

A. Applications are only matched in traffic flows associated with client-to-server sessions.
B. Applications are matched in traffic flows associated with client-to-server and server-to-client sessions.
C. If the packets entering the engine match a known application, then processing continues.
D. If the packets entering the engine match a known application, then processing stops.

Answer: BD

After downloading the new IPS attack database, the installation of the new database fails.
What caused this condition?

A. The new attack database no longer contained an attack entry that was in use.
B. The new attack database was revoked between the time it was downloaded and installed.
C. The new attack database was too large for the device on which it was being installed.
D. Some of the new attack entries were already in use and had to be deactivated before installation.

Answer: A

The Software-Defined Secure Networks Policy Enforcer contains which two components? (Choose two.)

A. SRX Series device
B. Sky ATP
C. Policy Controller
D. Feed Connector

Answer: CD

You want to review AppTrack statistics to determine the characteristics of the traffic being monitored. Which operational mode command would accomplish this task on an SRX Series device?

A. show services application-identification statistics applications
B. show services application-identification application detail
C. show security application-tracking counters
D. show services security-intelligence statistics

Answer: A

Which feature of Sky ATP is deployed with Software-Defined Secure Networks?

A. zero-day threat mitigation
B. software image snapshot support
C. device inventory management
D. service redundancy daemon configuration support

Answer: A


Which two statements about enabling MACsec using static CAK security mode keys are true? (Choose two.)

A. CAK secures the data plane traffic.
B. SAK secures the data plane traffic.
C. SAK secures the control plane traffic.
D. CAK secures the control plane traffic.

Answer: B, D

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