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JN0-348 Training:

Question: 1

What are two benefits of 802.3ad link aggregation? (Choose two)
A. It increases bandwidth
B. It ensures symmetrical paths
C. It simplifies interface configuration.
D. It creates physical layer redundancy.

Answer: A,D

Question: 2

Your router is configured to peer with your ISP's router using BGP. You can only control your BGP configuration Which address families are negotiated between the two BGP peers shown in the exhibit?
A. inet-unicast inet-vpn-unicast 12 vpn
C. inet-unicast inet-vpn-unicast 12vpn-signaling
D. inet-vpn-unisact

Answer: C

Question: 3

Which statement is true about IP-IP tunnels?
A. Intermediate devices must have a route to the destination address of the traffic being tunneled.
B. Intermediate devices must have a route to both the tunnel source address and the tunnel destination address.
C. Intermediate devices must have a route to the tunnel destination address but do not require a route to the tunnel source address.
D. Intermediate devices must have a route to the tunnel source address but do not require a route to the tunnel destination address

Answer: B

Question: 4
You have a conference room with an open network port that is used by employees to connect to the network. You are concerned about rogue switches being connected to this port Which two features should you enable on your switch to limit access to this port? (Choose two.)
A. DHCP snooping
B. dynamic ARP inspection
C. MAC limiting
D. 802.1X

Answer: A, D


You are enabling dynamic ARP inspection on an EX4300 switch Which service is enabled by default in this scenario?
A. DHCP snooping
B. persistent MAC learning
C. MAC limiting
D. IP Source Guard

Answer: A

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