eBay Classifieds Group Connects Buyers and Sellers With Juniper Networks Contrail

Juniper Networks, a leader in automated society, scalable and secure networks, today announced that eBay Classifieds Group, an innovative leader in online classifieds advertising with twelve brands worldwide, has deployed Juniper Networks wake networks to build automated virtual overlay networks, highly scalable, allowing clients to easily buy, sell, exchange and connect. Juniper Networks QFX Series switches were selected by the company as a fundamental element of the physical infrastructure to power its cloud and networking to ensure the reliability and faster response times.

eBay Classifieds Group moved its operations to the cloud to accelerate their business processes by significantly reducing the time to build and bring their online advertising platforms. Juniper and approach allowed NRS Infradata Classfieds eBay to launch new services in more than one country within hours.

eBay Classifieds Group was a need to support multiple internal testing and production requirements and multiple customer-specific market network. The company Juniper and Infradata because they provide major cloud networks based on open technology. eBay Classifieds Group also simplifies troubleshooting and received superior support, causing problems being processed faster.

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Juniper Networks network Contrail is a simple, open and agile RPS that automates and organizes the creation of highly scalable virtual overlay networks and adapts to customer needs easily. Vapor Trail has been selected as the chief controller SDN market in OpenStack deployments for the third consecutive year in the survey of OpenStack users.

new eBay service platform Classifieds Groups’, driven by the wake of a network, reducing the time to market for new services and personalized campaigns, connecting virtual resources across private cloud and infrastructure existing.

Estela creates and organizes manageable virtual overlapping networks that integrate seamlessly with the physical network hardware systems eBay Classifieds Group.

Using the following networks, eBay Classifieds Group virtual overlay networks may extend through the centers and clouds multiple data, enabling the mobility of goods and flexible internship workload.

eBay Classifieds Groups cloud “is built from QFX5100 switches, switching a platform with an open architecture that serves as a universal building block for multiple architectures SAN very flexible data center.

The overall infrastructure is based on Junos OS, Juniper the only operating system.

Juniper Networks partner for the deployment of eBay Classifieds Group is Infradata, a leading network dedicated to the design, implementation and support of next-generation networks for service providers and mission critical systems integrator .

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“EBay Classifieds Group helps people find what they need in their local communities. We are proud of the trust we earn people when they visit, connect and trade in one of our global sites. Constantly create innovative new services that can deliver substantial value to our customers. juniper, with its focus on the customer first, provides the network, but also allows us to provide excellent customer service. ”

-Maarten Moerman, director of network engineering at eBay Classifieds Group, Netherlands

“High-performance companies like eBay Classifieds Group need an open RPS solution for the cloud that increases business agility by creating highly scalable virtual overlay networks that are easy to manipulate and orchestrate. In wake of a network, eBay Classifieds Group can quickly add new features to their network while reducing development time. ”

Jennifer Blatnik, vice president of cloud, security and the portfolio of marketing activities, Juniper Networks

“Infradata worked with eBay Classifieds for a long time to give it different network technologies such as load balancing, switching, routing and security, so that it moves with the software-defined architecture is the natural next step. the real winners in this project are the end users with a significant increase in platform performance. ”

-Child Tomovski, international vice president Infradata Group

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