Lenovo and Juniper Networks Announce Global Partnership

Juniper Networks and Lenovo announced a global partnership to develop infrastructure solutions data center next generation. The two companies leverage their synergies in their respective product portfolios and technologies to build the next generation of converged solutions, hyper-convergent and infrastructure data center hyper-scale corporate clients and large-scale web.

“The partnership with Lenovo expands strategy Juniper to deliver a stack complete solution for a wide range of data centers, the company midrange cloud and private clients hyper-scale. We are very pleased to partner with Lenovo to exploit the full potential of our IP based on the JunosOS network portfolio and contrail, in delivering the next generation of hyper-convergent convergence, and a hyper-scale solution for customers in China and the world, “he said Rami Rahim, CEO, ..

The alliance will enable customers to leverage the strengths of Juniper Networks leadership and recognized Lenovo for server reliability and network access for manageable, scalable and easy for data center infrastructure.

“Lenovo is on a mission to become the market leader in solutions data centers. We will continue to invest in the development and delivery of solutions Disruptive IT to shape the next generation of data centers. Our partnership with Juniper gives Networ Lenovo access to a first range of products including Defined Networking (SDN) software solutions industry – essential for offers state of the art data center, “said Gerry Smith, COO of PC and Enterprise Business Group, Lenovo.

According to the planned partnership, customers will be able to buy Juniper product portfolio directly from Lenovo and obtain a consolidated support. Over the disintegration of hardware and software in the data center, the two companies intend to provide open and flexible solutions on the market, using the onie (Open Network Installation Environment) model.

The companies also intend to develop joint plans to market resale usual model and to meet the specific requirements of localization in China.


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