Juniper Networks, Inc. and Cisco Systems, Inc. Head to Head Compare

This is a direct comparison of Juniper Networks, Inc. and Cisco Systems, Inc. compare the two companies revenue growth, earnings, revenue per employee, operating margins, cash flow and evaluation. The table top edge at the head assigns 100 points in total.

Before diving into the analysis, we will see the return of shares in each company in the last three months, six months and last year. Stock returns do not touch the head to head comparison of the scores that focus on the fundamentals of each company, but in the end, are the income from shares remain a cornerstone for a complete analysis.

Cisco Systems, Inc. has a significantly higher rating of base and Juniper Networks, Inc., which has an impact on the head in comparison to the head. The LMC Star Rating is an objective and quantifiable measurement of company performance and financial condition. The rating is calculated by measuring a number of current financial data elements of society and its changes associated with time.

Now let’s delve into both companies for comparison.

➤ Statement

  • CSCO significantly higher revenues in the last year of JNPR. comps premium income does not touch the head to increase pressure.
  • Both  CSCO and JNPR show positive results over the past year with the edge of CSCO.
  • CSCO generate significantly higher revenue per employee ($ 676,000) that JNPR ($ 536,000).

➤ Margins

  • CSCO generates income $ 1 $ 1.32 of costs, significantly higher than $ 1.16 JNPR.
  • CSCO generates $ 0.21 in free cash flow to leverage for every $ 1 of revenue, significantly higher than the $ 0.12 JNPR.

➤ Growth

  • Both companies are growing revenues. JNPR growing faster than income massively CSCO.
  • For every $ 1 of revenue, stock prices at $ 1.83 in market capitalization and $ 2.96 for market capitalization JNPR CSCO.

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