Juniper Data Center Switches Now Certified on VMware NSX

Juniper Networks this week moved their relationship with VMware and Lenovo.

Juniper said its command line QFX5100 data center is certified with the platform VMware NSX network virtualization. Of course, the QFX5100 change also includes support for virtualization platform CONTRAIL Juniper.

In preparation for the certification of VMware, some of Juniper’s customers had already integrated joint solution in their networks.

For example, EMT-ICT diensten, a Dutch IT service provider Juniper switches installed with VMware NSX to develop an infrastructure-as-a-Service multi-user platform. The platform enables customers to create custom networks.

“We selected Juniper QFX Series specifically for NSX and tested its ability to integrate physical devices in a virtual stack of interoperability,” said Joep Piscaer, director of EMT-ICT diensten technology, Juniper in a blog.

A spokesman Juniper said: “Juniper has been working with VMware for approximately five years and continues to offer a comprehensive set of common solutions.”

Some of these joint solutions include:

Switches QFX10000 series VMX and MX routers, integration with VTEP NSX that not only the bridge but also the routing support.
Juniper multicast fabric data center solutions offer performance and scale to large deployments in multicast-unicast NSX hybrid mode.

The director of the Junos Space network API integrates with vSphere and vCenter Server to provide NSX VXLAN virtual overlay network, hypervisor, and visibility of the virtual machine and automation.

The director Junos Space Security unifies the end of security operations to end and integrates with vSphere to manage the lifecycle of virtual machines vSRX.

Juniper and Lenovo:

Also this week, Juniper has expanded its relationship with Lenovo. In March, the two companies have formed a partnership, giving Lenovo the opportunity to resell Juniper Networks, data center switching and routing and security portfolio, wrapped in SDN capabilities with vapor trail. Lenovo brings its x86 servers and storage to the association.

The new agreement gives Lenovo’s ability to facilitate the distribution of Juniper products independently or in conjunction with Lenovo products in China.

When Juniper and Lenovo announced its initial arrangement in March, director of marketing for Juniper Mike Marcellin, said. “This gives us a local lead partner in China”

In a blog this week, Mitch Lewis, vice president of partners and alliances for Asia and the Pacific Juniper, he wrote, “is expected to Lenovo in China to provide Juniper Networks technology through our thousands of partners average Chinese service providers and large enterprises and web 2.0 companies. “


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