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Question :1

Users in your network are downloading files with file extensions that you consider to be unsafe for your network. You must prevent files with specific file extensions from entering your network. Which UTM feature should be enable on an SRX Series device to accomplish this task?
A.Content filtering
B.Web filtering
D.URL filtering

Answer: A

Question :2

You want to generate reports from the l-Web on an SRX Series device. Which logging mode would you use in this scenario?

Answer: B

Question :3

Your company uses SRX Series devices to secure the edge of the network. You are asked protect the company from ransom ware attacks.
Which solution will satisfy this requirement?
C.Unified security policies

Answer: A

Question :4

Which actions would be applied for the pre-ID default policy unified policies?
A.Redirect the session
B.Reject the session
C.Log the session
D.Silently drop the session

Answer: C


A new SRX Series device has been delivered to your location. The device has the factory-default configuration loaded. You have powered on the device and connected to the console port. What would you use to log into the device to begin the initial configuration?
A.Root with a password of juniper’’
B.Root with no password
C.Admin with password
D.Admin with a password ‘’juniper’’

Answer: B

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