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JN0-201 Dumps

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JN0-201 Exam Paper | What are two purposes of the

Question: 20

What are two purposes of the AS_PATH attribute? (Choose two.)

A. route selection
B. loop avoidance
C. determining equal cost paths for reachability
D. defining the application of other BGP attributes

Answer: A,B

JN0-201 Exam Dumps | Which CLI command displays routes…

Questions: 18

Which CLI command displays routes received from an EBGP peer?

A. show bgp received routes x.x.x.x
B. show bgp advertised routes x.x.x.x
C. show route receive-protocol bgp x.x.x.x
D. show route advertising-protocol bgp x.x.x.x

Answer: C

JN0-201 Braindumps | What is the first step…

Question: 17

What is the first step in the BGP route selection?

A. The local router prefers the route with the shortest AS_PATH.
B. The router first verifies that it has a route to the BGP Next Hop IP address.
C. The local router prefers the route from the peer with the lowest peer ID address.
D. The local router prefers the route learned from an EBGP peer over a route learned from an IBGP peer.

Answer: B

JN0-201 Exam Dumps | When configuring an IBGP peering…

Questions: 16

When configuring an IBGP peering session between loopback interfaces, why is the local-address option required?

A. for VLSM support
B. for loop prevention
C. for TCP reachability
D. for MD5 authentication

Answer: C

JN0-201 Exam Questions | What are two ways that…

Questions : 14

What are two ways that a valid IBGP peering session can be configured? (Choose two.)
A. via the accept x.x/y command
B. via the TCP reachable physical interface addresses
C. via remote loopbacks with the local-address command
D. via UDP with the neighbor x.x.x.x command at the group level

Answer: BC

JN0-201 | How do you enable interface fe…

Question: 13

How do you enable interface fe-0/0/0 under the [edit protocols isis] level to form both a Level 1 and Level 2 adjacency?

A. set interface fe-0/0/0.0
B. set interface fe-0/0/0.0 all level
C. set interface fe-0/0/0.0 level 3 enable
D. set interface fe-0/0/0.0 level 1 level 2

Answer: A

JN0-201 | How often are IS-IS Hello packets…

Question: 12

How often are IS-IS Hello packets transmitted?

A. 3 seconds for DIS; 9 seconds for non-DIS
B. 9 seconds for DIS; 3 seconds for non-DIS
C. 10 seconds for DIS; 3 seconds for non-DIS
D. 10 seconds for all routers

Answer: A