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JN0-100 Dumps

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JN0-100 Test Questions | Which command would allow…

Questions: 17

Which command would allow you to compare two files stored on your router?

A. user@host> file show filename1 compare filename2
B. user@host> file compare files filename1 filename2
C. user@host> compare files filename1 filename 2
D. user@host> compare filename1 filename2

Answer: B

JN0-100 Exam Questions | You have just issued the…

Questions: 16

You have just issued the command commit confirmed and your network continues to be operational with no further changes required. You issue a commit and-quit. A short time later, users start complaining about network problems. Which commands (in order) need to be entered to resolve this issue?

A. >commit confirmed
B. >configure
#rollback 1
C. >configure
#commit confirmed and-quit
D. >configure

Answer: B

JN0-100 Free Questions | You enter configuration mode with…

Questions : 15

You enter configuration mode with the configure command. You need to abort the changes that you have made and start again with a fresh copy of the active configuration. Which command should you use?

A. rollback 0
B. load active
C. reset config
D. clear candidate config

Answer: A

JN0-100 | You are at the system level…

Question: 14

You are at the system level. Which two would allow you to see the protocol’s level candidate configuration? (Choose two.)

A. exit configuration-mode
show protocols
B. exit configuration-mode
show configuration protocols
C. top
show protocols
D. top show protocols

Answer: C, D

JN0-100 | The auto-complete feature in the JUNOS CLI…

Question: 13

The auto-complete feature in the JUNOS CLI is triggered by which method?

A. space bar for both command and variable completion
B. space bar for command completion; tab key for variable completion
C. space bar for variable completion; tab key for command completion
D. tab key for variable and command completion; space bar for command completion

Answer: D

JN0-100 | In which mode are users allowed to configure…

Question: 12

In which mode are users allowed to configure the device, including interfaces, protocols, user access, and system hardware properties?

A. priviledged mode
B. configuration mode
C. monitoring mode
D. operational mode

Answer: B

JN0-100 | Which statement is true about the internal…

Question: 11

Which statement is true about the internal link between the Routing Engine and the Packet-Forwarding Engine?

A. It is only used for exception traffic.
B. It is an FE link called fxp2.
C. It is rate-limited to avoid DDOS attacks.
D. It is only used to send the forwarding-table from the Routing Engine to the Packet- Forwarding Engine.

Answer: C