Juniper Exam Questions Answers

Juniper Networks Certification Program is featured to validate individual’s skills in networking with Juniper Network Technologies.

If you're looking for a new networking career opportunity or if you're employed for an organization that utilizes Juniper Network products and services, getting the Juniper Networks Certification would be a definite career-enhancing move. This certification can be achieved through passing certain exams conducted by Professionals metric. What you have to try and do is solely select from any of the Juniper Certification exams in step with your area of specialization.

Major Categories and Levels of Juniper Certifications

There are four major categories you will select from, included network security, enterprise routing, switching, and Firewall/VPN. In order to support the big range of networking technologies and customers who use them, the Juniper Networks Certification Program offers certifications at the Associate, Specialist, Professional, and Expert levels.
Candidates can get training courses, boot camps, and skills camps through Authorized Education Partners worldwide to get active expertise with Juniper equipment, which is required to succeed on certification exams. Once you pass the exam, you become a Juniper certified.

The significance of obtaining a Juniper Certification

For any aspiring IT individual, one of the best assets he may have is that the Juniper certification. A Juniper Networks certification can distinguish you from non-certified peers, provide career growth opportunities, give you larger insight into Juniper Networks products and services and benefit your customers.
Even the employees working in Juniper Network are given opportunities for taking these exams. The managers in the organizations say that they have always seen a remarkable improvement in the performance of their employees once they attain these certifications. This is because employees get to become more applicable to their job roles.

Once you manage to get the Juniper certification, you may become an expert in the field and you will get the title of Juniper certified individual. It is known everywhere the globe that Juniper professionals have got what it takes to perform complicated tasks with relation to info Technology. They are recognized as the most capable individual. If you never got a chance to seek out employment at Juniper Network, there is no need to worry because once obtaining the Juniper certification, you will find lots of employment opportunities in other esteem organizations. This certification will ensure your proficiency in the respective field. You will be counted in the category of the superior IT professionals.

Successful shot towards your Juniper Certification Exam

The certification voyage is quite tough and a scrupulous that intends to furnish the professionals in most advanced skills and techniques. To get successful outcomes, it requires precise and comprehensive study resources. juniperexams is one of the best approaches to hitting a successful shot towards your Juniper Certification Exam. We at juniperexams are providing Juniper certification dumps that can assist you greatly to certainly pass your exam. Our Juniper dumps are of faultless quality and contain professionally verified Juniper exam questions answers. These braindumps are in PDF file and online practice test formats claimed with 100% money back guarantee if you fail in the first attempt.

JN0-1330 Dumps | A client wants to deploy a vSRX chassis cluster

Question: 20

A client wants to deploy a vSRX chassis cluster across two existing ESXi hosts without changing the external switch configuration. Which two actions must you perform to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

A. Use a distributed virtual switch.
B. Use an overlay network to transport cluster heartbeats over Layer 3.
C. Configure private VLANs on the virtual switch for the control and fabric links.
D. Use a standard virtual switch.

Answer: A,C

JN0-691 Practice Test | What information would be learned by

Question: 20

What information would be learned by reviewing the output from the show system uptime command? (Choose three.)

A. the date and time that the configuration last changed
B. the current software version
C. the current date and time
D. the date and time when the last user logged into the device
E. the date and time that the system booted

Answer: A,C,E

JN0-1330 Dumps | Your company is establishing a BYOD policy and

Question: 19

Your company is establishing a BYOD policy and you are asked to create the appropriate security infrastructure. In the policy, Internet access should only be provided to the BYOD wired and wireless devices. Which two security features meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. 802.11g
B. 802.1X
C. guest VLAN

Answer: B,C

JN0-691 Practice Test | What information is shown in the ARP

Question: 19

What information is shown in the ARP table? (Choose two.)

B. MAC addresses
C. VLAN names
D. interfaces

Answer: B,D

JN0-333 Practice Test | A session token on an SRX Series device is

Question: 20

A session token on an SRX Series device is derived from what information? (Choose two.)

A. routing instance
B. zone
C. screen
D. MAC address

Answer: A

JN0-634 Exam Dumps | Which two parameters are required to match

Question: 20

Which two parameters are required to match in an IDP rule for the terminal option to take effect?(Choose two.)

A. attacks custom-attacks
B. attacks predefined-attacks
C. application
D. source-address

Answer: A,B

JN0-333 Practice Test | Which host-inbound-traffic security zone

Question: 19

Which host-inbound-traffic security zone parameter would allow access to the REST API configured to listen on custom TCP port 5080?

A. http
B. all
C. xnm-clear-text
D. any-service

Answer: D

JN0-1300 Certification | A customer has reached the limit of their

Question: 20

A customer has reached the limit of their IEEE Layer 2 VLAN implementation. The customer then switches to a VXLAN overlay architecture using Layer 3. In this scenario, how many unique VXLAN segments are mathematically available?

A. 4,194,304
B. 8192
C. 4096
D. 16,777,216

Answer: D

JN0-101 Dumps | Which three protocols use UDP as a

Question: 20

Which three protocols use UDP as a transport protocol by default? (Choose three)


Answer: B,C,D

JN0-691 Practice Test | What is a common cause for an

Question : 15

What is a common cause for an OSPF peering session stuck in Exstart?

A. MTU mismatch
B. subnet mismatch
C. identical router IDs
D. incorrect authentication

Answer: A